Water World – Stoke

Water World – Stoke
Recommend : Yes
Webpage : https://www.waterworld.co.uk/

Great waterpark, would I recommend paying for the full day? No. I don’t think this was actually policed therefore if I went again I would be a bit of a cheap arse and just pay the half day rate.

I’m not a strong swimmer, some would say I can’t swim (this wouldn’t be far from the truth) so going into this day with my best friend and our two kids, well it was a day I wanted over quickly – sorry Jess, I just don’t like swimming! However once in, it was great!!! Seb and Ellie (his friend) ran straight up to one of the slides and got rite stuck in!

Oh boy, there was a moment in the large swimming pool where Seb swam out further than I could stand, despite him being a great swimmer he grabbed onto me and I actually thought, this is it! I am going to drown in a pool full of half-naked strangers and screeching kids, not the way I pictured my death. After a couple minutes I managed to pull us back to the 4ft nothing part of the pool! Bad mum moment, I told him off for what was my fault for not being any good at swimming!

The waterslides were great FUN!!! Seb and Ellie are both 7 and I’d say of average height. They both managed to do almost everything! The queues for the slides got larger throughout the day but it was always moving so not too bad. Seb’s favourite slide was the one you sit on a rubber ring and get shot around. The only way I can describe it is that it’s like a rollercoaster but on water! It was so funny because I went before the kids to make sure an adult was at the bottom and the states of fear on their faces as they came to the end was cracking!! They both shot up shouting let’s do it again!

I’m not great with remembering names but they had around 5 or 6 large water slides and a couple smaller slides, including a play area. I seen some 3 and 4 year old’s going on them so when Seb started the waterworks at the prospect of the smaller slides, I did the mean “Look, they’re not crying and their much younger than you” approach. A couple of the slides were still full of turns and twists but they weren’t super daunting and the big splash at the end wasn’t terrifying. There was however one slide that we didn’t let the kids go on, which thinking back… Why not! They’re both great swimmers, the thing I didn’t like was that they dropped into a 2 metre pool of water, put me rite off! When we go back, I will take the plunge.


How could I forget…. There was a corporal life guard!

Ellie was kicked in the face in the pool and as soon as we submerged from the water, he was straight over with the health and safety booklet and requesting a lady get ice, I mean the speed of the whole thing was impressive, well… it was impressive until me and Seb sat down later with our butties and as soon as I unfolded the tinfoil he was back over “Sorry you are not allowed to eat your own food!”. Did he really believe I was going to bin my pre-packed lunch and buy one of their burger meals for £7!? Bugger off! So lunch became a mission of stealth! I must admit, it made me fuller for longer eating so slowly.

Jess went to take a picture of the kids while they were sat down on the deck chairs, guess who came straight over! Yurp, watching us like a hawk! Apparently it is frowned upon to take photos of your own children. I wouldn’t usually mind, however,  there was a man on the other side of the pool with a huge professional looking Nikon! Not to sound like my Mum but back when I was younger any trip out was caught on camera and now if you hit her with the “We never did anything as kids” she whacks out the  “Oh really…. Nothing” while getting the picture case out! What kind of kiss my ass am I going to be able to present to Seb when he’s older? The worlds gone Mad! MAD!!

WARNING! There are some hidden nasties such as Parking, £3.50!!! They charge you £17.49 per person and parking on top! I thought that was a bit of a joke until I got inside and had to pay for a family locker on top of that! £3 and a £1 refund.. I love when companies word it like that, as if their doing you some great service, they give you £1 back!

All in all, I would definitely go again! Just not in a great hurry.



This weekend planned.

Well, I planned my weekend a couple of weeks ago with Water-world in Stoke and Warwick Castle – None of which I believe had any offers or events planned for this weekend (Just early bird discounts and using the ol’trusty 02 priority app)

So for you lucky lot I have done some digging around and have found the best things to enjoy this weekend around the Northwest, below. – Just a heads up if you are heading into Manchester town centre this weekend, prepare for it to be BUSY!!! as it is pride weekend.

Some Parks worth checking out with events this weekend:-

Dunham Massey 
When : Saturday 25th August
Time : 10:30 – 16:30
Cost : Free Admission
(Car Park cost for non national trust members £7)

Webpage : https://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/dunham-massey

Event : Midnight Garden -Midnight Feast
Online it mentions, collect 3 stickers and earn a prize! + different activities and story telling will be going on, I love Dunham Massey for those welly days and startling all the deer! – There isn’t a play area but plenty of grass to run around.

Quarry Bank Mill 
When : All weekend
Time : 10:30 – 16:30
Cost : Free admission and parking

Webpage : https://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/quarry-bank

Event : Journey of the imagination
I have been to this a handful of times with Seb, it is such a beautiful place to visit and has a fairly good sized play area! Good grounds for picnics. This isn’t an event as such but you get a little booklet to go around and stamp at each sign post. If you are stuck for something i’d defo give it a go!

Fancy a drive out?

Eureka!  Big Summer Festival
When : All weekend (Details below)
Cost : £12.95pp over 3 years – Note this covers you for the full year!!! 
Time : 10:00 – 17:00
Webpage : https://www.eureka.org.uk/event/big-summer-festival/
I bloody love Eureka, always loads going on and totally educational and FUN!! Kids get to run around and be Kids! When i have been they’ve had different work shops and activities going on.

About this weekend i found on the webpage :

  1. Sat 25 Aug – Story Time
    Enchanted Tales – Story making session for all ages 
    Stop Motion animation
     – drop-in sessions for 3yrs+
    Mr AR Bookmark – Make your own Augmented Reality Tech-Toy bookmark
    Drop in sessions
  2. Sun 26 Aug – Pirate Mayhem
    Splash! – Join our resident pirates in this fun, hands-on session
    3-7yrs, book on arrival
    Pirates Ahoy! – Join in with pirate challenges & games
    All ages, no need to book
  3. Mon 27 Aug – Space Adventure
    Destination Space – Find out about life on board the International Space Station in this family show
    5yrs+, book on arrival
    Alien Slime – Create glow in the dark slime & discover the science behind how it works
    5yrs+, book on arrival
    Ian Douglas Storyteller – Drop in through the day

Little Tip : You can take your own food, they have plenty of places to park your bum for a picnic.

Bee in the City

All around Manchester at the moment are Bee’s that have been uniquely designed and placed in some fantastic locations.

Follow the below webpage to download/print the Free Map

The Lowry 

When : 25.08.18
Time : Booked Slots
Cost : FREE – Just book online
Aimed for 5-11 year olds

You can go for a day at The Lowry and visit Salfard Quays too!
From the webpage :  https://www.thelowry.com/workshops/lookout-its-saturday-playhouse5

Lookout it’s Saturday Playhouse! is now a free and weekly art activity for children and their families in our dedicated Lookout space for families. Each week we Lookout for what we can see both inside and outside, taking inspiration from our theatres, galleries and surrounding landscape at Salford Quays and MediaCityUK. Every Saturday morning there is something new to do so check out the Lowry website for what we’ll be up to each time!

I would also recommend while you are in the area to check out Ziferblat where you just pay for your time! – Food is included and it works out super cheap!
They have board games and plenty to enjoy while you are in there. The one in Manchester is my sons favourite hang out!


These are just a few things i came across, if you want me to give any more info on the above, or help you find something else a little cool, or if you know some fun things going on this weekend, please share in the comments!

Thats a bye from me,
Bee x


Free is the word.


The word is Free. 

Free swimming lesson sound good? Teach your child how to stay safe in open water, for free?

Me and Seb did this around 3 weeks ago and it is available up and down the country at different locations. You just go online and pop in your destination and then simply book a slot! It’s for ages 7 and above and honestly it is great fun! Seb asked if we could do it again, it really did add confidence to his swimming.





Webpage : https://swimsafe.org.uk/book-your-session
Cost : Zilch




Mam Tor Circular Walk
Like to Hike but not found anywhere suitable to take the sprogs?
Free parking sound good? Free maps available online for easier walks?
Going into the walk I wasn’t aware of how much of an incline was involved, at times I was being overly cautious with Seb – I can’t lie. However he loved it! He only complained for half the walk and a bribe of a lemonade saw him finish with ease! I think the only reason for the complaints were that *Damn kids don’t appreciate a GOOD VIEW!*. It was a great introduction into these style of walks, now he’s old enough to endure a little more. I will defo be doing this walk again. It took around 3 hours stopping for lunch and adding our own paths and we went into Castleton afterwards which is such a beautiful little town – I would recommend finishing your day here.

Webpage : https://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/kinder-edale-and-the-dark-peak/trails/mam-tor-circular-walk
Cost : Zilch






Oast House – Spinningfield 
Free Outdoor Cinema with the family sound good? Ignoring the kids while their eyes are glued to the screen while you hold a beer sound good?

I have not yet tried this one, however I have heard nothing but good stuff! The Oast House in Spinningfields for the next 2 weeks are screening the below movies for absolutely FREE!

Grease (12) – Monday 20th August
Legally Blonde (12) – Tuesday 21st August
Moana (PG) – Monday 27th August
Back to the Future (PG) – Monday 3rd September
The Greatest Showman (PG) – Tuesday 4th September

Tip from the site : All screenings begin at 7pm but make sure you get yourselves there nice and early to grab yourselves the best seats.

Next time I will tell you all about those cheeky little subscriptions you can sign up to so that you can get next to Free goodies!!! HelloFresh for free? Ta very much.

Till next time,
Bee, x

What’s the crack?

Hey, my name is Bee.
I am 27 and keeper of a 7 year old,  It is just me and Seb at home and I’m not on a wedge so i always plan ahead and keep the costs down, i’m pretty famous for being a tight arse that gets up to all the cool stuff with Seb, you wouldn’t believe how many people ask how i afford to get up to so much, its simple.. Plan.
The idea behind starting this super scrummy blog is simply to share my finds and experiences because i am forever trolling the internet for fun and mostly whackey things for me and Seb to get up too so thought it would be a travesty to keep all this to myself.


Well, i think that is enough of an introduction.



Weekend commencing 18th August.

What we did : Just SO Festival
Cost : £75 for Saturday ONLY – This is based on tier pricing, the earlier you book, the more you save. 
Price of a coffee : £3
Webpage : http://www.justsofestival.org.uk

Upon arrival I have to say, no waiting, no mad rush.. literally arrived at 09:00 (Started at 09:30) and just breezed in! No screaming children surrounding me (Actually, didn’t hear many kids cry throughout the day which was joyous considering we were at a kids festival!)  So I would recommend arriving early so you have a similar experience.
Once actually in the festival the list of activities available could easily fill this page (All included in the price – no hidden nasties enticing the kids. One of the main things I enjoyed was the fact that the ranges for activities for the different age groups was pretty bob on! They had what was called the “Tool Shed” where kids were handed a hammer or a saw (Real ones!! – Sharp too) and obviously with their adult they got to just go wild building a den, picking wood, cutting nailing.. a real sense of achievement and danger for all, Heck who doesn’t enjoy a little danger! Then there were different performances being from singers, mad scientists, acrobats and then the day was nicely rounded off with a camp fire lead by a scout leader which would have followed by toasting marshmallows however we didn’t stay that late,  we arrived at 09:00 and left at 19:00 and we honestly didn’t have a boring moment! Running over custard and running around the fields! Just an all-rounder 😊  Next year I plan on camping for the entire festival we enjoyed it that much!
One thing I would suggest, Dress up!! You will feel a little out of place if you don’t (We sure did!) Dress as an owl, fox, frog, fish… anything really, just have fun with it.


Weekend commencing 25th August

What we will be doing : Waterworld
Cost : £17.49 per person for a full day
Coffee : I’m hoping its free with that price.
Webpage : https://www.waterworld-tickets.co.uk/

Is it worth the price tag, i will keep you posted

What we will be doing: Warwick Castle
Cost : £14.55pp – Current offer online, i however used 02 priorities and paid £39 for 2 adults and 1 child.
Coffee : Im not driving so a beer may be had 😉 
Webpage : https://www.warwick-castle.com/

Is it worth the full price tag and the distance travel?
I am pretty excited about going here as i am picturing a knights tale kind of day

That’s a fair well from me, i will keep you posted of our adventures and deals i find.

Bee x